BHU Alumni Association, Ranchi Committee for 2013-15


Sl. No. Name Desg./Orgn. Phone (Off.) Phone (Res.) Mobile

Sri G. C. Agrawal

Proprietor M/s Kiran Chemicals -- 2206525

Sri R.S. Rungta

Proprietor M/s Rungta Projects 2541827

Sri A K Pandey

DG, ATI, IAS, Govt. of Jharkhand -- -- 9431107791
4 Sri K K Mehrotra CMD, MECON Ltd. 2482432 2411109 9431708072

Shri R.K. Chopra





 Atul Saxena

GM Products RDCIS 2483273 -- 8986880280


1  Sri S.K.Saxena   HEC 2401604 2444280 9431584284
2  Sri A. K. Rana CMPDI 2792122  2285333 9431389282
3  Sri Arvind Kumar CCL 9334710903  -- 9431106073
4 Sri Surendra Prasad CET 2412102 2441133 8986880585
5 Dr. Santosh Kumar  RDCIS, SAIL 2411110 2440261 8986880275

General Secretary


Sri Pradeep Kumar Thakur

DGM I/c Steel CET 2483701 2243033 8986880470

Jt. Secretary

1 Sri Raju Jaiswal  CET 241170 24414
2 Sri Anup Prasad  RDCIS 2411149 2441506 8986880074
3 Sri Kunal Singh  MECON 24833671    9431737835
4 Sri Amarkant Dainik Bhaaskar     9431371529



Sri Anurag Ranjan  Mishra

Design Engineer, MECON 2483576 2412236 8986778122

Executive Members

1 Sri S. K. Kushwaha RDCIS  2411134   8986880356
2 Sri. Jaiprakash MTI     8986880621
3 Sri Vikas Kr Singh CMPDI 2792123  -- 9470930386
4 Sri Neeraj Jha MECON -- -- 9631946024
5 Sri Satyendra Kr. Gupta MECON  -- -- 9334986744

About Ranchi - The Capital of Jharkhand

Famous for its natural scenic beauty in and around and largely un-spoilt by modern commercialism, Ranchi is the capital of the state of  Jharkhand. Located in the eastern part of India at about 400kms away form Kolkata, Ranchi is known for its pleasant and moderate climate. During the month of January, the temperature could vary between+50C to +250C.The state of Jharkhand- rich with iron ore, coal and other mineral deposits - is all set to develop in to an important industrial hub of India.

Ranchi Rock Garden
The spot has been developed into an artificial garden, complete with water falls and sculptures, to attract tourists. The rock garden is magnificent in its appearance, striking a balance between the creativity of modern and ancient man.

Jagannath Temple
Another place where the tourist can rejoice and worship. The old temple of Lord Jagannath, built in architectural style of Puri Temple, stands like a fort on top of the hill. Ratha Yatra is celebrated here with pomp and glory.

Ranchi Rock Garden

Jagannath Temple

Hirni Fall
About 70kms from Ranchi, Hirni Falls is another fascinating water fall with beautiful surrounding. Amid the deep jungles the gurgling of water can transport one to a different world.

Jonha Fall
Also known as Gautam Dhara, a serene and beautiful place on Kanchi river. Walk down the 500 steps and enter a different world.

Hirni Fall

Jonha Fall

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